Does the game has been released yet?

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Do anyone know if the game has been released yet? I played the beta and they said that in date 31/11/2018 the maintenance should be completed. I saw nowhere any new download link or post talking bout that release. I would like to know if anyone else know how to download it after release.. Can i download it from playstore or apk? Help me please!! 

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Type "download REBIRTH m version 1.00.0078 APKPURE" in Google...go to that website and download the latest version,but only 2 servers available south America and Asia...idk if that is their "Global release".
Hi Rebirther! Our game has been officially released last month firstly in Brazil. Users from the said country can get it on Google Play and App Store. If you have any other concern, don't hesitate to message us. Thank you!