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I would like to put in consideration a suggestion for the exchange house.

Remove the "minimum price" barrier for everything ... I explain the reasons below:

1. allow players to put the price they want (without exceeding the limit that the game allows), as this would allow a more developed economy.

2. you would avoid the infamous "sale and I'll return your money" situation ... this situation arises when a player wants to sell an item below the price pre-established by the game ... not being able to put this item in exchage at that low price, it promises the buyer to return the excess that will pay (this 90% of the time never happens).

CLARIFICATION: this does not represent a scamming,because the seller puts an item with its price and the "potential buyer" when buying it accepts that price which constitutes a legitimate transaction.

3. You would avoid having multiple items of the same class at the same price,what would be practically a stagnant economy.

4. Finally, being an economy with fewer restrictions (I repeat, ONLY RELEASE THE MINIMUM PRICE), this will allow everyone to access the items they need, sellers get rid of what they do not want (entering into a fair and equitable competition ) and create an economy in permanent movement and evolution, since an economy that does not move is an economy doomed to disappear.


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