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Is there a better way to damage the experience in a game than the one you allowed? ... I don't think so.

A new game has been released, pleasing all those Latin "players", with an exclusive server for South America ... after a Beta of almost 1 month (something never seen for a test) .... and I ask FOR WHAT?

MMORPG means : online role-playing video game in which a very large number of people participate simultaneously ... or not?

Well ... let me tell you that only you guys are guilty of having ruined the server, but not the game ...

You will ask how? ... I answer ... allowing the multi-accounts (and the ability to transfer between those accounts), in that error multiple players took advantage to acquire all those rewards and gifts to be what they are today.

Where are those times where you had to plan a strategy?

call your guild to battle? or simply improve to meet a goal?

.... those times are gone .... Now any rank 2 with all SR (what is mathematically unlikely) kills a BOSS that "supposes" having a whole group of players to do it.

Personally I've been playing on the server in South America and I've seen that (don't going to mention a name).. not to mention the sale of GOLD AND / ACCOUNTS (which is totally illegal), and yet everything in front of the eyes of the administrators/developers without anything happening.

Despite your efforts to stop that practice the damage is done, and the server is completely unbalanced ..... I just hope (like many players) the opening of servers in Europe and / or the United States to leave behind that bad experience.

finally I would like to share with you a saying of my country "the first time is a mistake, the second time is an option"

The ball is in your court... it's up to you guys planning the next move.


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