Inventory management

Jay Cupone
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Can I suggest that you revise the inventory?

Right now we run with over 80 items which we have to keep for progress. Having 100 slots space is quite a limitation.

People are forced to clean those 15 slots every 10 minutes. It’s far from convenient and really discouraging to continue gameplay.

It would make life way easier if you could reorganize how items are managed inventory. Here is what I suggest:

  • Make Gems stackable. I see no reason why each gem takes one space in inventory. You stack orbs and materials so why not gems.
  • Make crafting materials part of secondary storage which doesn’t occupy slots in inventory. Nobody carries tons on tens of stones and plants in their backpack, you keep then in your crafting workshop :P
  • Remove the Magic Powder / Stone that lost it’s power and it’s only ability is to occupy space in the inventory. Did you guys did it on purpose so inventory gets full quicker? It has no place in lore so what’s the point to have it there in inventory at all. Just drop random bonus coin when killing mobs.

Right now it looks like you fill the backpack on purpose in hope that people will spend gems or money on expanding it. Quite unfriendly and definitely not making the game experience fluid in any way.

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Hi Jay, how's it going? Thank you for your suggestion. We will let the Devs know about this.

If you have other concerns, don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!
+1 Jay Cupone
Magic powder /stone is a source of gold. Dont request to remove it.

If they stack gems one problem is when you level up gems. If it stacked will all the gems level? One solution to this is "split quantity" but it require more time coding and to develop

Craft workshop is a good idea.

But a quicker and faster solution to this problem is a storage/locker.

I get it that the game needs profit thats why they designed it forcing players to expand their inventory.
Devs can put locker/storage in main city. Then they can make a privilage where you can buy it using real money to open it anywhere.
Maybe 2-5$ per 7 days and 8-10$ per 30 days
Hi Rebirther! We appreciate your awesome suggestion! This can help us to further improve the game. We will forward this to the Devs so they can consider this for upcoming updates.