[Notice] Announcement of RebirthM Stress Test ended.

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Dear Rebirthers!

We’ve already informed you that the RebirthM Stress Test has been conducted

in your hot concern and participation since (PST) 00:00, July, 17.

It will be over at (PST) 23:59, July, 23.

The schedule after the Stress Test is as follows.

◎ Maintenance: (PST) 00:00, July 24, 2018 

※ Maintenance schedule may be changeed depending on various circumstances.

◎ OBT: (PST) 00:00, July, 25, 2018 ~ August,16, 2018

※ Game data will not be reset during this OBT after the stress test.

※ After OBT, all game data will be reset.

※ If the OBT schedule will be changed, it will be further noticed on Facebook.

Also, We will open the ITEM BOOK for Rebirthers to play RebirthM

easily during the remaining OBT period, please check it through the link below.

[ Go to ITEM BOOK Page ]

We appreciate all of your suggestions and opinions once again to all Rebirthers.

And we’ll inform again when we will reopen it after the maintenance ends.

Thank you.

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