[Notice] RebirthM OBT Official Launching

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Hello Rebirthers!

A legendary Action RPG with reminiscent of the PC RPG games, RebirthM OBT has finally launched in Canada!
For news and updates on service, please stay tuned on our official Communities!

➡ Our Customer Service
◎ Customer Service page: www.caretgames.net/inquiry-en

➡ Launching OBT Schedule
◎ Stress Test:  (PST) 00:00, July,17, 2018 ~ 23:59, July,23, 2018

◎ Maintenance: (PST) July 24, 2018 (Maintenance time will be inform when as determined.)
※ Maintenance schedule can be changed, and we will inform that through the notice when it changes.

◎ OBT: (PST) July 25, 2018 ~ August,16, 2018
※ After the stress test, game data will be remain uninitialized during this OBT.
※ If OBT Schedule re-arranges, there will be further notice on Facebook.

※ The game data of the OBT period will be initialize after the end of the OBT.

◎ You can Participate OBT in Google PlayStore and Apple Appstore

※ Redeem code will be sent as soon as the completed review of the Apple AppStore.

We ask for your support and interest in OBT which will last about a month.
and hope that all of you guys will have a good time with RebirthM!

Thank you.

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